Travel Request Module

In our Travel and Expense management software,Employees can use request filling travel request form according to corporate travel policy , Department heads will approve in case of over limit workflow will follow exception policy.

Digisurface Consulting
Digisurface Consulting


Our workflow system ensures to perform all the maker & checker validation so all the transaction are completely auditable with audit trail. eServe can be integrated with any known HR solution i.e ( SuccessFactors , PeopleSoft , Microsoft Talent) system will always have update approval hierarchy.

Travel Booking

Post travel request approval users can do the travel booking as per the approved corporate policy. We have integrated flights and hotels booking engine in eServe with all global airlines & hotels providers . Users get best negotiated rates.

Digisurface Consulting
Digisurface Consulting

Expense Filing

After travel users can file expense and claim in travel and expense management. With eServe platfrom we can link travel request with claim, users can also claim for non travel expenses. Our Expense management solution comes with inbuild features ,eServer is completely driven by company policy configuration. You can even send data to ERP as well.


Getting reimbursement was a tedious task as finance have to review each line item in detail and match the invoice or expense receipts from airlines and hotels more over department have to validate all the limits , eServe Travel and expense management makes this process simpler and faster. eServe will do all the validation.

Digisurface Consulting

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