FMCG vertical : Performance review of Executive / Team Leader and 300 users are using this applications.

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High Level Features

Easy and Intuitive Navigation – two-way scroll to enable a design that allows the user to easily absorb multiple metrics, seamless interactions that allow the user to view information at varying levels of granularity (e.g. switching between categories, grouping SEs by TL and so on), intuitive workflows to enable the users to take decisions

Notifications – to draw attention to action areas

Local Closed Ended Search – to directly reach an Outlet/SE/TL page

Following four business demand structure on PowerApps Application

Track – for tracking D-1 data for most important input and output metrics at outlet level

Team – for reviewing performance of SE / TLs across parameters

My Zone – for aggregated information at AM zone level

Search – for closed ended search to outlet or SE pages (accessible from every page of the app)

Digisurface Consulting

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