Features on D365 HR & Payroll

Leave Application Management

  • Design n number of leaves type.
  • Assign leave type with employee grades/band
  • Configure minimum and maximum limit in financial year.
  • Configure leave carry forward limit.
  • Configure leave credit criteria.
  • Users can apply for leave request.
  • System will keep track of leaves consumed.

There are several leave types an employee is entitled to during a year. authorities laws guide the various varieties of leaves and therefore the quantum of leaves to grant each year. a number of these leave types are earned, and employees can carry the balances to the subsequent year. Other leave types lapse at the top of the year. as an example, here may be a snapshot of leave rules for Delhi State.

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Leave Processing

System Allows you to configure various kinds of leave policies like leave granting, leave availing restrictions, week end policies, leave pro rating, leave year end processing etc.

Leaves Credits

System allow you to configure number of paid and earned leaves assigned to every employee as per the corporate policy.

Workflow Approval Process

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Payroll Simplified

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Manage Salary Structures

Create and define multiple salary structures for various pay grades or bands. System Auto calculate the salary based on set standards.

Payslips & Reports

System generate payslip, Tax deduction report for your employee to ensure transparent process of payments and Taxes.

Manage Income Tax

Indian Tax engine is defined in system , it enable tax calculation keeping declarations by employees to ensure optimal tax deductions and payments. generate ready to upload 24Q statements.

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